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Hello! My name is Jenny Lindley.


I am a Middle School math teacher with a passion for teaching. Why Middle School? Because I love kids at this age. They are complicated, unique, and always changing. I guess we just get each other. My "kids" have told me I'm the best teacher they have ever had. Parents have told me their kids are excited to go to math class for the first time. I am just energetic and love the kids and the math. I can honestly tell a student that, at this level, they will use this information throughout their life. Teaching is like oxygen to me, and watching students "get it" for the first time is the best feeling in the world. That is what I want to share with your child.


I have moved from a traditional school setting to tutoring after school and home schooled students. Unlike many tutoring programs, I do not have a one size fits all. Instead I like to teach your child many different strategies for solving problems so that we can find one that is right for them. Each child is unique in their process. I use a combination of visual and tactile problem solving strategies. I am well versed in Singapore Math, Saxon Math, and Math U See and also like to use mental math challenges. I work very well with students who have been diagnosed with ADHD, a learning disability, or emotional challenges. I believe the key is infinite patience, showing sincere pride in a student's accomplishments, and never giving up. I will always try again and again to find how your child processes the information they need to excel in learning.


My education started at the University of Virginia where I earned a degree in Commerce with further mathematical studies. I continued my education by studying Middle School Education at Appalachian State University. I have taught 6th and 7th grade math but tutor 8th grade as well.

During these uncertain and stressful times for parents, I want to help where I can. I can work with your child at your home or virtually. I am comfortable teaching in a mask if that makes a family more comfortable. I have also lowered my rates to make it more affordable. This is one way I can do my part.

I am located at the edge of Davidson on the East side.



Tutoring Options

I teach only Middle School Math but can help a younger sibling in the same home.


I have a 6th and 4th grader myself.

One on One Lessons:

60 or 90 minutes

Rate: $35/hr

Online Sessions:

60 or 90 minutes

Rate: $30/hr

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